A New Concept in Alphabet Books

Abadaba Alphabet book photoKnowing letter sounds is the most important pre-reading skill -- more important than knowing letter names, and more important than knowing the order of the alphabet. Abadaba Alphabet, with its accompanying CD and award winning verses and illustrations makes learning letter sounds a joy.

Children taught letter sounds first in Montessori schools have little difficulty learning to read. Research clearly supports phonics.

Abadaba Alphabet is especially helpful for teaching homeschoolers this essential reading skill.

Give your child the Abadaba Advantage!

"I'm in love with this book. Let me count the ways. It teaches phonics. It rhymes. It makes children laugh. And it will not only make you laugh, it will make you want to read it to your children again and again."

Marguerite Kelly, Syndicated Columnist and
Co-author, The Mother's Almanac